Logon to the S66CAMS platform whenever you like, for as long or as little as you like and keep 50% of any revenue you generate, simple.

Q. What do you need to do?

A. Log on and make money

Note: When working from home, you must maintain the minimum equipment and system requirements.


We offer a unique fully supported cam agent role. We guarantee you a minimum income of £20 per hour across a month. This means that by doing 10 hours per week you are guaranteed to earn no less than £866.66 per month (£20 x 43.3hours). During these hours your earnings aren’t limited to this and most performers on our platform are earning between £50-£200 per hour! We provide regular photo and video shoots at our London studio. Plus offer marketing support via our email database, large customer base and social media feeds. We will provide you with training and coaching to help maximise your potential as a web model and give you the opportunity to cross over and feature in our tri-annual print magazine SIXTY6

Terms of Supported Cam service


When broadcasting from home you will be on a profit share of 50% of the revenue you generate. We take the operating cost and overhead of running the business, the TV channels, maintaining the platform and providing the support out of the remaining 50%. We take an additional 5% from the phone and cam revenue and when broadcasting from the studio to cover the additional overhead of these services.

  1. broadcasting from home

    • You will receive 50% of the cam revenue you generate
    • You will receive 45% of the phone income you generate
  2. broadcasting from the Studio

    • You will receive 45% of the cam revenue you generate
    • You will receive 45% of the phone income you generate
  3. You will be paid monthly

  4. You will be guaranteed a minimum income of £20 per hour during your trial 1st month.

  5. The guaranteed minimum income is only applicable to the first 10 hours a week you work in your trial month

  6. At the end of your 1st trial month the total amount of guaranteed minimum income qualifying hours with be compared against the total amount of qualifying revenue you generate and you will be paid on whichever is the higher amount.


In order to be eligible for all the support we offer and the minimum income guarantee you will have to commit to the below caveats. In addition you may be fined or loose shifts if you fail to honour the commitments you have made to the business. Failing to honour your commitments not only costs the business money but also denies someone else that opportunity to earn from a studio supported shift. This is not taken lightly. When performing a confirmed (studio supported) shift you must

  1. Ensure you are logged in, in front of the camera and ready to broadcast at your shifts start time

  2. Keep your web cam logged in for the duration of your shift

  3. Ensure you remain logged in, in front of the camera and continue to broadcast until your shifts end time

  4. You must provide a minimum of 24Hrs notice if you can no longer commit to a shift you have previously agreed to (exceptional circumstances will be considered on a case-by-case basis).

  5. When working from home you must maintain the minimum equipment and system requirements

As above failing in your commitment to these simple responsibilities may result in you losing shifts, losing your guarantee and/or being fined.