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Lily Maria

My names Lily, a born traveller and lover of anything abandoned and decayed.

You can usually spot me trotting the globe in some off the beaten path country, shooting conceptual designs in impressive abandoned locations or in front of a camera somewhere, I am never in one place too long and I'm known for my fearless attitude and love of adventure (cue climbing powerstation chimneys or riding the dunes of the Namibian deserts)

I'm usually compared to Lily Allen (well, a lot) but I'm also known to most as a real life Lara Croft!

I do however have a kinky side and also a very dark one (depending what day you get me on) something that is not portrayed in public but exclusively for my willing fans & clients. I love experimenting in all things sexual, delving into new fetishes and mostly just being a filthy little minx! Whether it be fun times with gorgeous Thai women or dominating men into my control! You name it I can be it!

Also my mumma says I'm pretty so you should call me purely because of that